I'm A Dad. I Do Dad Things.

  • I’m just a regular, middle-aged Joe.
  • I spend my time changing diapers, replacing toy batteries, kissing boo-boos, and carrying things up the stairs for my wife.
  • I have 2 children, both daughters. They run the joint.
  • I decided to make some doodles about my experiences. Maybe they’re funny.

My Qualifications

  • I was formally trained in Ms. Reed’s 3rd grade Art Class.
  • I once got a participation ribbon in the school Art Show.
  • My corny dad-humor makes my children laugh – for now.
  • Sometimes my wife laughs too.
  • I’m never certain if she’s laughing at my jokes or at me.
  • Doesn’t matter. God bless her laughter.


My Background

  • I have a corporate job, so I’ve got a great handle on meaningless business jargon.
  • I can only convey my thoughts formatted as bulleted lists.
  • “Move the needle of our core competency.”
  • “The synergy of our divergent metrics matrices.”

The Bear

  • My oldest daughter’s first words were “ice cream.”
  • Her second words were “BEAR SAAAAAYS GRRRRRRRRRR!!
  • She would often say this at the top of her lungs, nose into the mirror, while flexing like The Incredible Hulk. (The superior, 1970’s TV Hulk.)
  • This usually sent our cowardly Labrador scrambling for cover behind nearby furniture.
  • If only I had named the dog “Bear.” For irony.

Since You’re Here

  • Please take a look at my drawings at your leisure and/or convenience.
  • You may enjoy them if you’re my wife or one of my children.